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To All The Soldiers In The Occupation Armies- LEAVE! 8th March 2006

Women’s Will Association’s statement on 8th March 2006 directed at the occupation soldiers:
To all men and women who came to Iraq as soldiers in the invading and occupying armies.

You are here carrying out the orders of the Bush administration. This is the very same administration that has lied and misled the world, more than three years ago in order to invade a country that posed no danger to its neighbours let alone the
US. All their distortions against Iraq have proven to be mere fabrications. This is a war that does not benefit your countries.

These untruths and inventions continue today, in order that you continue to be a party in their project of death and destruction in Iraq. Bush continues to urge Congress to pay more for his deadly endeavours. This is proof if one is needed that he has no intention to end this mission, he took you on this reckless and endless adventure for the benefit of his cronies, a handful of greedy war merchants and fat cats.
He is willing to sacrifice you, with the shadow of death constantly hovering over your heads for as long as he and his cronies wish. You are the losers of this war, whether you kill or are killed. But the cruel waiting game while you are within death’s reach, is even worse, for your wives, families and loved ones, whether you escape alive from this quagmire or not.
The culture of war is a culture of death and destruction. Bush and the war mongers would like to take you down this road right till the end. In this culture, your lives and ours are worthless, as opposed the billions to be received by the greedy multi national companies
They are taking you to the abyss; they would not care if you are left with broken lives and lost dreams. They would not care either if Iraqis have to live their lives amongst the ruins for generations to come.
Leave our country, we ask you in the name of the suffering Iraqi women, who have endured 8 years of a war on Iran and 13 gruelling years of the harsh economic siege followed by war, invasion and occupation.
Their suffering has increased many folds as their country is being occupied, their resources are being plundered, their security and stability confiscated. And now they are being drowned in the blood of the civil strife game, that happens to serve the occupiers' plans.
In the name of Iraqi women, mothers and wives, scientists and workers, sacrificed or enduring life in
We all call on you to abandon your weapons and leave our country as soon as possible, while you still can.
Go back to your country, to the bosoms of your family and loved ones, before they are enveloped with pain and grief. Go back to all who are counting the minutes for your return, go back beyond the ocean, to your own land where you will find your national and personal security, there amidst the warmth and joy of your loved ones.
War is a lost cause, it is the cause of Cheney, Ramsfeld, Rice, Bush and their cronies. Peace is the cause of the people who value human life, in a civilisation based on justice.
Leave Now! The quagmire of war with its dirty and bloody waters is drowning you and drowning us. Leave now, go back home to your loved ones, to the women in your lives. Do it, while there is still a way!
8th March 2006
ًWomen's Will Association - Baghdad
Member of Iraqi National Foundation Congress
Forum for Cultural Dialogue - Baghdad

لتفعيل حملة وطنية تدعم رؤية المرأة العراقية في المشروع التحرري

في خضم خمسة اعوام من الاحتلال الذي انتهك تفاصيل الحياة اليومية للفرد العراقي من جهة، والمجتمع العراقي من جهة اشمل، سعياً الى تصحير العراق من نواته الحية، وتحويله الى مجرد آبار نفط في صحراء لا يسكنها انسان، سوى موظفي الشركات الاحتكارية.
وفي خضم حيوية الصراع بين المشروع التحرري العراقي المقاوم للهيمنة والاستغلال والساعي للانعتاق بالبعدين الفلسفي والاخلاقي فإننا نحن النساء العراقيات، المنتميات الى المشروع التحرري بأبعاده الوطنية والقومية والانسانية والحضارية، نعلن أننا ندرك أبعاد مشروعنا الانعتاقي ومواقع اقدامنا فيه، كما ندرك كيف نصوغ معادلة الانعتاق على قاعدة: لا ذكر لا انثى، لا سيد لا عبد، لا غني و لا فقير.....
بمعنى ان لا مالك و لا مملوك بل انسان حر، بغض النظر عن الجنس او العرق او المذهب او الهوية الضيقة....
وبمعنى تفصيلي، فإننا نحن النساء العراقيات نصوغ مشروعنا على قاعدة الانسان الحر الصانع للعدالة عقداً اجتماعياً، والمنتج للفكر التحرري على قاعدة الانسان في توجهه التاريخي.... المستقبلي.
وعليه ...فإن المطبات التي يصنعها لنا العدو المناهض للحرية والتقدم، مهما استغل من وسائل قد تبدو فيها ان صورة المرأة العراقية هي صورة سلبية، هي مطبات لا تمثل إلا اطراف اللعبة، أما ماتصبو اليه العراقية الحرة، فهو مشروعها التحرري نحو الانعتاق الكلي على قاعدة الانسان والتاريخ.
وعليه ايضاً.... ندعو جميع قوى التنوير والقوى المقاومة للاحتلال، والنخب الفكرية والوطنية في المشروع التحرري الى دعم حملة المرأة الوطنية في ترسيخ رؤاها في المشروع الوطني القومي الانساني التحرري.

هيأة أرادة المرأة
بغداد العراق
تشرين الثاني 2007